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Take Care of Your Precious Louboutins

– photo credits: steph –

Pretty things usually don’t come cheap, but when you do finally muster up that extra money for those Louboutins you’ve been dreaming about, you want to take extra care of them and make sure they make your moneys worth.

A common misconception with any shoe: the more money you shell out for shoes the more indestructible they are. I get this misunderstanding from people all the time, that is working in a shoe environment, i’ve come to learn many things, and one of those things is a good understanding of shoe making. I am able to judge the quality vs. cheaply made shoes very well. When customers come back to me with damaged shoes, mostly from wear and tear, they complain to me explaining they’ve spent decent dollars for this shoe…something like this should last me longer.

I hate trying to explain to these customers that, unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve invested in this shoe, how you walk, where you walk, and how often you walk in them will be the decider to the final days of your precious shoes.

The worst type of customers I get when dealing with damaged shoes, is that they genuinely believe that it’s a manufacturers defect when in actuality, it’s a self inflicted damage on their own shoes.

I have been blessed with a pair of gorgeous Christian Louboutins last year as a gift from my wonderful boyfriend. Kudos to him for choosing them completely on his own. I really love my Ron Rons.

One of my girlfriends has started her collection of Louboutins and what a fantastic collection it is (she is the owner of the shoes in my photos) very cute and sexy, totally suits her style. We both want to take good care of our pricey investments so I will be listing ways and tips how to care of your Louboutins!

-Protecting the material-

Since Louboutins have so many different designs and materials, every material has a protection product designed specifically for that fabric/leather.

Canvas heels: This material tends to hold stains very well…so don’t be too upset if you do end up getting a huge stain on your shoes. Spray your new shoes with an “All protector spray” this encompasses all materials and puts a thin silicone layer that can help you remove stains a bit easier. There are brushes for canvases so lightly in a circular motion scrub your shoes with a shoe shampoo, don’t scrub too hard, it may cause lighter spots where you tried to clean it, so be gentle and hope for the best.

Leathers: For leather heels, you may use an universal spray as well, but there are all sorts of leathers so find out what type of leather shoe you have and purchase the proper spray for it. Leather lotions do great wonders for shoes you’ve had for longer, leather does dry out over time and using this lotion will moisten and soften it back up, making it look newer and fresher. (just like human skin ;D)

Patent leather & Metallics: This type of material is a little trickier, please do not use a universal spray..there are patent care kits designed for these shoes. If you use a regular leather shoe spray it may take away patent’s sheen and dull the material. As for metallics only use patent care, regular leather care can cause dullness and even cause the metallic to peel/flake.

As gorgeous as patent is, it does tend to easily get scuffed especially lighter patent colors, to clean light scuffs try this, take nail polish remover and tissue or a cotton swab, gently spot treat the patent and it should remove the scuff! Nail polish remover can dry out the patent, so after you removed the scuffs spray with patent care afterwards.

Always spray your new shoes with protectors in layers, for me I spray at least 3-4 layers, and respray every 2-3 weeks depending how lazy i’m feeling.

– Red rubber soles –

The BEST thing you can do for your Louboutins is to bring it to a shoe maker and get them fitted with specifically designed red soles. With doing this, you are definitely prolonging it’s life and keep that gorgeous red you love so much. I forgot to take a before shot, but the bottom was terribly scuffed and the red sole was being removed from walking on concrete.

We brought our heels to a shoe maker on Bay Street, in Toronto downtown called “Shoe therapy” a very nice couple owns and operates the shop. They have been dealing with fixing up Louboutins for years and know what they are doing.

The sole fitting cost $30 a pair and takes a few days to do, they take their time in fitting the soles making them perfect as possible, I was very happy with the outcome of our shoes.

Heel caps are the first thing to get destroyed when trotting around town, so they offered rubber heels to be fitted as well, for an extra $12 it adds more stability and it makes it quieter to walk in.

Different shoe clobbers have different kinds of red shoes available for Christian Louboutin heels, Shoe therapy had red soles made in Italy by Vibram. My friend was a little hesitant on getting our shoes done here because one of her friend’s red bottom soles were a different brand. I did assure her it was going to be fine, Vibram makes industrial soles for factory workers, fire fighters, the military and the police. I was familiar with this brand and knew right away my shoes were in good hands.

– filler up –

When you aren’t wearing your favorite heels, it is a good thing to stuff them with either specifically made shoe stuffers, or just d.i.y stuffers using thick tissue paper/paper towel or you could even cut up little pieces of old clothing and roll them up and stuff your shoes with them. This will keep the structure of your heel and it won’t collapse and look funny on your foot.

– Dust bag –

Finally, and of course if you shoes come with a dust bag, do put it to use, sun damage can really hurt the color of your shoes, it also prevents dust and anything icky from getting into your heels!

Walking in my newly soled heels feel so much better! More grip and stability on my part so I don’t look like such a klutz trying to look snazzy while strutting downtown.


7 thoughts on “Take Care of Your Precious Louboutins

  1. alanna says:

    Thanks for the post! I bought a pair of Louboutins recently at Holt Renfrew (Canadian store) and they told me to go home and wear them for a bit and then bring them back to the store and they actually put a red sole on them for you! It cost me $40.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really happy that I have stumbled upon this post! So helpful and I am excited to buy more shoes since i understand how to take care of them.

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