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Summer Blues

Oh helloooo, I know…I know, its photos of Scott again. Seriously though he is the most dispensable model I have and lets be honest, I really wanted to photograph the new jacket he bought from H&M on the weekend. Lets be real…I wanted the jacket for myself but alas it obviously did not come in a female version, so I guess then next best thing is telling Scott about it and of course him buying it.

The jacket had such a nautical feel to it, I paired it with a stripped shirt, soft grey pants, a braided cream and brown belt with brown loafers. Oh summer how I await thee.

I really don’t know how Scott keeps his lips so nice looking…comparative to mine they are super crusty and peely :(

Anyways, I do have a line up of female portraits to take this spring/summer so that should be fun! I’m really trying to dive into more fancy looking and creative portraits…any ideas? ha.


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