Napoca on lakeshore

Well, well, well.
I have finally got off my lazy ass and told myself to start updating again!
What a better way to update my blog with a mediocre food blog post!


Okay, listen…it was either this or nothing. (the only people who read my blog anyways is myself and me forcing my boyfriend to read it) haha.

We decided to spend the sunny and hot afternoon on Lakeshore, Mississauga. I decided to wear heels that like to cut up my big fat toe, so I needed a restaurant pronto or else someone was gonna have to carry my large ass back to the car ya know?

We quickly googled a place to eat and it ended up being at Napoca. It apparently got good reviews and we decided on it because it had a patio available.

Ghetto plastic lawn chairs, me loves it.

It was squished between two stores, where the actual restaurant was in the far back, it was a very small but cozy space I suppose.

We weren’t looking for a full dinner meal since it was only 3:30pm, so we opted for the platter that came in 3 sizes. We chose the small platter for a nice $13. For two semi hungry people it was quite a good price. Though I did wish there was more than one cheese, the gouda bored me…

Next we ordered the bruchetta, which I believe was about $12. I really liked it, it was nice that I could pile on the mix myself instead of having potentially soggy bread and tomatoes. The bread was nicely toasted, didn’t cut up the insides of my mouth. Heavily toasted breads terrify me.

Scotto striking a pose.
Oh for some reason, there was literally one waitress working the floor…trying to serve a relatively busy crowd. There was initially 8 girls who were sitting in front of us, but they left after hearing it would take 45 minutes for food to arrive because there was a lack of staff.

Luckily of course our food order was super easy to prep anyways so we got our platter and bruchetta on time.

My turn to strike a pose, my fat toe was getting pretty busted at this point.
Scott really sucks at using my camera, I think its his height that causes me to look chubby and short in photos..

Ok! I’m over it.
I’ll will be posting lots about my trip to Japan very soon :B


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