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Japan: I Hate Flying.

– Flying over Vancouver, quite the scenery, I definitely will make a stop to this city one day –

My first trip internationally and the first time without family. It was an exciting time, I didn’t know what to expect or anticipate. I’ve only been on a plane once before this trip, I went California a really long time ago and the flight was about 4 hours. To my memory, I didn’t enjoy that flight either.

From Toronto >> Vancouver >> Japan.

Our Toronto flight was delayed, which was a problem for us obviously, we had to catch another plane.

Toronto Pearson Airport, you have shitty food and it’s stupidly expensive.

We landed in Vancouver…late and extremely hungry.

As we landed, the flight attendants told everyone to remain in their seats because several people had to make their connecting flights (like us) it was nice, because we were short on time…extremely short.

So short, we were really worried.

We quickly exited and asked  how long would it take to get to gate 34. She informed us it was across the airport and typically takes 15 minutes to WALK.

We had 15 minutes to board our connection.


We sprinted, ran, walked, barely walked, and did a final burst of running, I died a little.

Luckily we made it, all sweaty and smelly for our continuing flight of 8 hours.

After all that running, Scott and I ate like kings with that airplane food.

So back to me hating on flying, my legs felt the brunt of the pressure. They could not rest for the life of me, it felt like my legs were constantly asleep. I didn’t get a wink of sleep on the plane, which luckily led to me not being jet lagged at all when I arrived to Japan finally.

I know this post isn’t picture friendly but this is my kickstarter to Japan blog posts that i’m finally getting around to!

Next post: Getting to Allen’s house via a slew of trains, and our first meal in Japan.

stay tuned?? ;)


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