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Cute Foods in Japan: FairyCake Fair

Okay listen, listen really really well okay?

Japan has a lot of cute shit.

From desserts to toys to accessories, they have it all. They have mastered the art of visually enticing everything.

With a limit to my wallet plus my stomach, I could only buy so many desserts to eat, so I had to choose wisely…and from the multitude of dessert varieties it was really tough.

So Scott and I were going out for the day to bum around Tokyo, but more importantly to pick up our arriving friend Linh! We faced the wrath of travelling with 2 large luggages each, so we thought it would be better to pick her up and help her out because it was a long travel to where we were actually staying.

Our First stop was in Tokyo Station, this station was simply amazing. Huge and full of floors to explore, it was an all in one type building. From decadent bakeries, busy restaurants and lots of shopping, you can no doubt kill all day in this station .

The bottom floor was nothing BUT desserts and cafes, these major train stations all offer souvenir gifts, stalls upon stalls of different packaged varieties from classic Japanese desserts to individuality packaged French Macarons.

Fairy Cake really caught my eyes from a distance, I’ve never seen such cute little cupcakes ever.

Fairycake a , a quaint semi dim atmosphere, it offers drinks and limited seating.

I was really full from having lunch, and I couldn’t decide on just one…so we bought 4 and they put the cupcakes in a specially made box so the cakes wouldn’t get jostled around from our furious travels.

A hefty total of almost $4 each cake, It was all worth it to me.

What I also found super cool was they offered an mini ice pack to keep your desserts cool, it took a while of finger pointing and explaining in Japanese (which I obviously didn’t understand) to ask me whether the cakes were for eating now or later, hence offering the ice pack.

Yes it was very delicious.  We ended up choosing 4 cakes, green tea, cheesecake, caramel and the strawberry one.


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