Japan: Narita Airport

My brief travel to Japan has sort of put me in a spot where I basically did not want to leave the damn country.

My guess is because this place was fast pace, always busy, full of things to look at and eat…I suppose comparative to my little city, Japan made Toronto seem like the most boring place on earth.

BUT. Okay travelling to another place is always more exciting! I still love Toronto, don’t get me wrong. I think Japan is just so unique, strange and keeps things interesting.

I’m going to start blogging about the beginning of our journey like right now. 6 months later.

(Yes i’m a procrastinating p.o.s)

So i’m trying to find photos from the very first day of landing in Japan (no luck), Arriving at the Narita Airport, I remember us being like sheep and just following the other masses, we proceeded to check in by walking through security.

There was a camera censor thingy, possibly an infrared sort of camera, which apparently checks for “illnesses” so if you carrying some disease, you ain’t getting into Japan my friend.

Then we lined up to get our face, fingers and probably eyeballs scanned at the desk. I was kinda nervous, I looked like shit after that long ass flight, maybe they would deny me entrance for looking so dirty and sweaty haha.

After I got the O.K. I was then getting nervous for Scott, for some reason he look 10 minutes longer? Made him do a lot of extra steps.

Finally, we are ready to get our luggage and go through customs and show our smuggled goods. Scott “needed” to bring his huge container of protein of some sort? Whatever it was, it was a white fluffy powdery substance, had it set off any alarms, sorry Scott I don’t know you.

The customs inspector chuckled after Scott made a arm flex reference to show the relation to the cocaine like powder he was lugging over.

What did I smuggle? I had an entire suitcase full of instant noodles. Don’t ask. I’m just a deliverer of goods.

I just remembered why there is such a lack of photos from the beginning, basically I was a grump ol’ bish and didn’t get any sleepy time on the plane, now that I think back on it, I really really wish i busted out my tourist pants at the airport.


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