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Conveyor Belt Sushi and Natto


Well, look who came crawling back to the blog space…kinda…anyways, so our journey to our friends humble abode went something like this.


we had a collective total of 4 luggage, it was shitty, too much crap to carry around and too many escalators. I think I have mastered the timing between steps and my baggage. Climbing stairs, I left that to scotto.

I remember trying to call Allen ahead of time letting him know when to pick us up, I wasted a few dollars to try to call him, it wasn’t cheap to make those telephone calls.

We hopped on the Hachiko train line, tiny little train line that had maybe like 10-15 stops. We were suppose to get off at gunma fujioka, but we misheard and got off at another gunma stop…

We panicked. We thought of taking the train forward, but that would require us to wait over 1hr.

It also sucked since we wanted to not incur long distance phone calls but, obviously we had to bite the bullet.

Luckily, it was only one stop away from our initial destination, our stop was dark and barely lit. A few cars drove in but suddenly turned off their lights, shady as fuck. Maybe a drug deal was going down? (nah)

Anyways, our savior Allen sama and his adorable girlfriend Aki came to the rescue!

After dropping off the luggage, we opted for a quick late night dinner at a cheap conveyor belt sushi resto.

There I encountered my first experience with Natto…a disgusting fermented soybean that had the texture of what looked like slimey bug guts smooshed onto of rice and seaweed.

I suppose it was our first initiation into Japan, I guess you can’t be in this country without eating one of their most favorite comfort foods ever…

Allen was wise to film our first time eating it, Luckily he actually turned the camera away for a split second and that is when I let that vile piece of sushi roll off my tongue and onto an empty plate.


gross…look at that awful thing. my taste buds died that night.


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