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Self Heating Bento Box in Japan!

A new post only a day after my last?? I’m on a roll!

Check out this cool Bento box from Japan. We bought it at the Narita Train station on our way to Tokyo station.

Every Train station sells some sort of bento box for your long trips, pretty convenient , however can be quite expensive depending on the contents!

We didn’t realize this box was a special one, we just thought it was a regular box and Scott just wanted to eat some good old eel. when we realized there was a weird string attached to the box we knew right to pull out the camera.

The box is a one time use!

Watch in 1080p! HD son.

Pretty cool ne?

Oh the Japanese, so inventive!

I wish I knew the proper name for this kind of thing? Any idea?


9 thoughts on “Self Heating Bento Box in Japan!

    • slowheartbeats says:

      I think what’s more interesting is that they have these heaters in everyday products, I bought this at a train station, where as those ration heaters in the u.s are usually reserved for emergencies or so it seems, camping or army related things :D

      • Wing Kit says:

        icic. i cant see clearly in the video on how you activate the heating process. How u do that? Btw how long can the product last before consumption?

      • slowheartbeats says:

        in the beginning he pulls a very thin string out and that will activate the box! as for the product it was fish on rice…so obviously its very perishable, its meant for same day consumption.

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