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The Hunt for Linh in Tokyo Station

I guess when you are in another country you tend to splurge less or be more aware of your money…in our case it was with our cell phones

When we were finally hunting for our travel mate linh. Were waiting for her to call us around 4pm, and we noticed she called but we missed the phone call since we were busily walking around the station. Our phone conversation was exchanged quickly as possible to avoid expensive phone fees…I admit we were being a tad stingy because I kept hanging up after we spoke instead of staying on the phone and waiting till we actually met up.

I remember we were getting anxious and annoyed that we couldn’t locate her. We kept saying lets me at “so and so” and she said she was totally HERE…and with the continuous pacing back and fourth I was getting pissed.

Turns out that there were two spots with the same name, the location we decided on wasn’t specific enough…they were the same numbered platforms but we were on different floor levels.

Tokyo station has a high number of floor levels, in which we totally didn’t realize.

We finally asked an information booth about the possible floor level she would be on since she is arriving from Narita

A huge sigh of relief came when we saw a familiar cute face running with her pink luggage.

Hug and kisses were happily exchanged.

A kick to myself for not being more specific and not patient enough on the phone.

Note to self…travel with patience.


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