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The Hunt for Linh in Tokyo Station

I guess when you are in another country you tend to splurge less or be more aware of your money…in our case it was with our cell phones

When we were finally hunting for our travel mate linh. Were waiting for her to call us around 4pm, and we noticed she called but we missed the phone call since we were busily walking around the station. Our phone conversation was exchanged quickly as possible to avoid expensive phone fees…I admit we were being a tad stingy because I kept hanging up after we spoke instead of staying on the phone and waiting till we actually met up.

I remember we were getting anxious and annoyed that we couldn’t locate her. We kept saying lets me at “so and so” and she said she was totally HERE…and with the continuous pacing back and fourth I was getting pissed.

Turns out that there were two spots with the same name, the location we decided on wasn’t specific enough…they were the same numbered platforms but we were on different floor levels.

Tokyo station has a high number of floor levels, in which we totally didn’t realize.

We finally asked an information booth about the possible floor level she would be on since she is arriving from Narita

A huge sigh of relief came when we saw a familiar cute face running with her pink luggage.

Hug and kisses were happily exchanged.

A kick to myself for not being more specific and not patient enough on the phone.

Note to self…travel with patience.

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Ginza, Akihabara and Linh


Ola, today I shall talk about our very first venture out into big city Tokyo which mainly consisted of trying to get familiar with central Tokyo and most importantly, to pick up our super cute travel mate Linh.

We were to pick her up at Tokyo Station, a huge complex of infinite escalators, trains, shinkansen and pretty damn good foods. We could have spend the entire day in Tokyo station no joke, but obviously we wanted to get out and explore as much as we could. So the closest walkable district first was Ginza, the ritzy district full of expensive designer names and high end restaurants.

We arrived around noonish so it was time to grab lunch somewhere, once we got lost in Ginza, it wasn’t hard to find the endless deep¬†alleyways of restaurants and bakeries. We could not make a damn decision on where we wanted to eat…!

We wanted it to be budget friendly, which wasn’t a problem. There were plentiful restaurants offering a decent lunch special/combo around $9-12. I was being really stupid and kept wanting to walk around and see what were our options but our hunger was kicking in and we both were getting pretty hangry (hungry+angry).

Finally, we settled for some typical japanese diner styled place…I had no idea how we came to decide on this, so i’m going to guess we gave the “fuck it” and went on in.


The place was pretty full, we weren’t sure if there were any seats, but hurray! they had a basement floor with lots of space. They had a funny system of delivering the orders down to the lower level. It was basically a elevator box for food which was right behind Scott’s head.



We ordered some pretty standard stuff, I chose a curry type dish and Scott went with a beefy lunch option. It was good for what it was. We were full and satisfied, we asked for the bill and went to the front cashier to pay as we left.


Scott and I had a decent amount of time to kill still before we needed to pick up Linh. I think her scheduled arrival was around 5pm-ish? We chose Akihabara as our next destination as we thought it was one of the more interesting districts to check out, it was in hindsight a bad idea because once we settled in and got excited from the many things to see…our time there was cut short because we had other priorities after all.


Oh?? Whats this? MOCHI? I love this stuff, so soft and chewy filled with yummy shit…oh man, i busted out my wallet quickly and started to scan what I wanted…Ice cream filled?? Even better!

This place was right outside of the Akihabara JR station, it was really easy to spot and not too hard to miss either.

akihabara4 akihabara5

The display looks sooooooooooooo good right?? Of course it does.It’s plastic after all…the actual product compared to the display was a little off, the size was definitely not what I was expecting.

The cute sales lady was trying to ask me in Japanese if I was going to eat this NOW or LATER, ¬†obviously…I had no idea what the hell she was saying but luckily she busted out some English and we said it would be for later and so she threw a cute mini ice pack in the bag,


I can’t remember all the flavours we got, but the one in this picture was a caramel pudding. Yes, it was delicious.


We saved some for linh of course :D

So we left the busy district to head back to Tokyo Station where we stressed the fuck out trying to find her.

That’ll be left for the next blog post la.