Cute Foods in Japan: Mister Donut

Our first encounter with a Mister Donut shop while we were lingering around in Akihabara. After our filling of really good ramen, we decided to check Mister Donut out.

They are famous for their “Pon de Ring” donut, super cute! Their lion mascot has the Pon de Ring donut around its head to look like its lion mane.

Of course anything in Japan seems to be on top of things when it comes to packaging, we brought a few home for the ride back. Oh Mister Donut also has a point card system, the more donuts you buy obviously the more points you receive. Once you’ve collected enough points you can use it to get limited edition toys or random items they offer depending on the season.

We always ordered the classic donut, and tried some custard filled ones dipped in what it seemed like strawberry flavoured

Its always pretty jokes when we are attempting to order, a slew of pointing fingers and confusion. Though, I remember there was a worker there who spoke english really well actually…that was a great help, smooth service ne.

And here we see the poster boy/girl shot advertising Mister Donut. Linh holding the paper bag, oh so subtle.

The donuts itself were pretty yummy, though the strawberry dipped ones tasted kind of waxy, using a cheap chocolate dip most likely.

Scott and Linh were so sure of themselves that the donuts tasted better the next day. haha.


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