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Lemon Meringue Pie Cupcakes


Oh cupcakes, how you bore thee.

These lemon pie cupcakes caught my interest however and I have been itching to make them for a while.

Lemony cake with a lemony curd filling with a lemony butter cream, finally topped off with a sufficient amount of fluffy meringue. A cupcake i’ll definitely eat!


Start with whatever favorite cupcake recipe you like, the one I used is a weird recipe that my co-worker uses the most, I felt like this would work best because I was going add a filling to it.

I used the zest of a few lemons and chopped it super finely for more lemon flavour.


Fill your favorite cupcakes with home made lemon curd, none of that boxed shit.

Lemon curd is super duper easy, it just takes a little bit of patience.

Lemon curd recipe:

1 cup sugar
3/4 cup fresh lemon juice
4 whole eggs
3 tablespoons unsalted butter

1. over a double boiler, whisk eggs and sugar together.
2. add your lemon juice and whisk.
3. set your stove on medium low heat
4. keep whisking your damn curd, it’ll take a while, it’ll look liquidy for like 10 minutes, but it’ll gradually start to thicken.
5. you are still whisking your curd right? keep it smooth and creamy ok!
6. when it hits 180F roughly, its done.
7. whisk in your butter, transfer into another bowl if you must and cover with plastic wrap touching the curd (to prevent skin)
8. cool in the fridge!

So once you made your yummy curd, remove chunks of your cooled cupcake and fill it with your cold curd.


At this point, you can either put a lemon butter cream and just keep it a boring old cupcake or you can make Italian meringue and then torch the crap out of it to give it this delicious texture.

Italian Meringue (uses hot sugar, don’t be scared, just be careful and not stupid)

300 grams sugar
add H20 till sugar is sandy, but do not let sugar sit on the side of the pot! make sure it is clean while it boils.
165 grams egg whites

1. boil your sugar till it reaches 118F
2. when your sugar reaches roughly 115 degrees, turn on your mixer with the egg whites.
3. make sure egg whites are frothy and white before adding your 118F sugar.
4. when adding hot sugar, put mixer on medium and slowly pour a thin line into egg whites
5. please don’t burn yourself, sugar burns suck real bad.
6. when done adding sugar, put on higher speed and whip till stiff peak
7. pipe your cupcakes right away!

pipe whatever style you like, I like the dairy queen look/poopie look.


Ok, now bust our your torch! don’t set fire to anything, be quick with the flame, it only takes a few seconds to get it to brown.




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